There’s no place where the human connection between artist and audience is more intense than theatre. Opera, ballet, musical, drama: it’s all about live interaction. And they all have their specific audiovisual needs. Our production teams are ready to provide the necessary support for directors, production designers and producers. We have the experience to help you bring your artistic vision to the stage.

Light design – Painting With Light

Photography – Photography Seppe
Copyright – Cut the Crab productions
Regie & script – Luc Stevens
Muziek – Sam Gevers
Lighting Design – Michel Jacobs
Productie – Koen Beliën

Producent – Geert Allaert
Componist & Arrangementen – Dirk Brossé
Regie – Cornelius Baltus
Scenario & Lyrics – Frank Van Lacke & Allard Blom
Choreo – Vanni Viscusi
Scenograaf – Dan Potra
Pictures – Luk Monsaert

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